Chinese Cup Instant food

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Showing 37 - 72 of 74 products

Showing 37 - 72 of 74 products
Haifusheng Shaxian Mixed Noodle (Pickled Flavor) 132g
Haifusheng Chili Oil Noodles (Sesame Paste Flavor) 105g
Haifusheng Chili Oil Noodles (Sour&Spicy Flavor) 113g
Haifusheng Shaxian Mixed Noodle 114g
KSF Noodles Bowl (Roasted Beef Flavor) 110g
HEIRENBULUO Spicy Soup Flavored Oden 155g
HFS Seaweed with Egg Soup 8g
ENERGY Spicy Rice Noodles 150g
Man Xiao Bao Hot And Sour Instant Vermicelli Bowl 112.6g
MLJ Instant Pea Puree Noodles 122g
CHANFEI Brown Sugar Ice Jelly 263g
Uni-President Instant Noodles (Tomato & Egg Flavor) 120g
KSF Dry Noodles Bowl (pickled vagetable flavor) 140g
Liziqi Hot and Spicy Rice Noodles
Taihe Panel Cup Broad Noodle (Mala Spicy Flavor) 171g
YINLU Milk Peanut Drink 360g
YINLU HZD Coconut Oat Porridge
XLK Brand Instant Beef Flavor Vegetable Hotpot 365g
KSF Noodles Bowl (Spicy Beef Flavor)108g
KSF Noodles Bowl (Chicken&Mushroom Flavor) 104g
KSF Noodles Bowl (Pickled Veg & Beef Flavor) 122g
Gold Roast Instant Oatmeal 40g
KSF Noodles Bowl (Soyed Beef Flavor)110g
HFS Instant Egg Tomato Soup 10g
HF PICK ME Instant Noodles (Tomato Soup Rib Flavor)134g
Haifusheng Taro Vegetable Porridge 40G
KSF Big Cup Noodles Sour soup with beef flavor 146g
HAIDILAO Self-heating Hot Pot Package Tomato Flavor
YWWD Instant Stir Fry Udon Numb&Spicy Flavor 257g
HAIDILAO Sesame Paste Instant Vermicelli 140g
HAIDILAO Instant Vermicelli Tomato Flavor 122g
HAIDILAO Beef with Sour Soup Instant Vermicelli 167g

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