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Showing 37 - 72 of 126 products
Hinodeya White Shrimp Koban 30g
Calbee [Limited] Potato Chips White Shrimp Flavor 55g
Iwatsuka Seika Fluffy Plus Flavored Shrimp Flavor 55g
Calbee Potato Chicken Wing Flavor 55g
CALBEE Jagabee Potato Chips Spicy Pizza Flavor 38g
TOHATO V Nagewa Potato Rings (Curry Flavor) 52g
Tohato V Poteco Potato Ring (Salt Flavor)  70g
BOURBON Petit Shrimp Chips 33g
Tohato Caramel Corn (Pineapple Flavor) 65g
Calbee Spicy Rice Ball Black 50g
KURIYAMA Agemochi Salt Flavour 70g
Calbee | Luxury Chocolat Salt Caramel chips 48g
Tohato Caramel Corn (Chocolate Flavor) 77g
Tastie - Prawn Chips 80g
Tastie - Prawn Chips 80g
Sale price$3.99
Calbee Potato Chips (Salty Wasabi Flavor) 60g
Koikeya Karamucho Hot Chili Potato Sticks 40g
KOIKEYA Corn Crash Pizza Flavor 60g
Tohato Potato Rings (Butter Flavor) 53g
Tohato Niku Bits (Black Pepper Flavor) 38g
Tohato Niku Bits (Spicy Chorizo Flavor) 38g
Doritos Cup Style Grilled Taco Flavor 60g
KOIKEYA STRONG Potato Chips Sour Cream Onion 56g
YBC Aerial Cod Roe Butter Flavor 70g
Calbee Pizza Potato Chips 73g
CALBEE Potato Chips Spicy Pizza Flavor
The Strongest Potato Chips 53g
CALBEE Kappa Episen Shrimp Sticks 77g
CALBEE Kappa Ebisen Sweet Shrimp Sticks 55g

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